Our Schedule

Programs & Summer Camp

Programs and Summer Camp for 2020/2021


Preschool classes - TTH
following the regular 3-hour morning sessions

PreK and JrK - MWF
following the regular 3-hour morning sessions

Pre K and Jr K Monday through Friday following the regular 3 hour class session

Extended Day

MWF until 3:30 PM following Enrichment

Summer School 2020

June 22- August 12 MWF and M through F classes
June 23- August 11 TTH classes

New students and returning Toddler students entering Preschool for the first time attend on TTH at 9 AM-12NOON

Students who have attended Preschool, PreK and Jr K have the option to attend Summer Camp on TTH, MWF or M through F
Class times are: 8:30, 8:45 and 9:00 AM

There will be Enrichment class available during Summer Camp until 1:45 PM, immediately following morning sessions.

Fall Session 2020/2021

August 17 First Day of class for MWF classes and M through F Pre K and Jr K classes
August 18 Orientation for TTH Preschool classes
August 20 First Day of class for TTH Preschool classes
September 10 Orientation for TTH Toddler class
September 15 First day of class for TTH Toddler class

We are now enrolling for Summer and Fall Programs!

Please call our Director, Barbara , at (916) 797-0222 or email her at barbara@granitebaycountrydayschool.com for more information and to arrange for a tour

Entrance qualifications

Students must be 2 years, 6 months by September and potty trained for Preschool, 2.0 years for Toddlers.

Class Descriptions

Toddlers: (Busy Bees) Toddlers must be have had their 2nd birthday to start the program. They do not need to be potty trained. Toddlers will spend time doing many tactile activities, music and movement, arts and crafts, story time and lots of social interaction and play.

Preschool (Caterpillars) for children between ages 2 years, 6 mo - 4 years. Curriculum is preschool basics: numbers, colors, letters, and shapes along with the other subjects mentioned in the curriculum portion of this website. There is a hands-on approach and there is much play included in this program balancing the fundamentals.

Pre-K (Butterflies) for students between the ages of 3 years, 6 mo and age 5. This class prepares children for Kindergarten through an excellent academic and developmentally balanced curriculum built upon the foundational basics learned in Preschool. Additional preparation through phonics, pre-reading, math, science, music, and art, combined with play and self-directed activities round out this class.

Jr. K ( Happy Frogs) for those students typically age 4 years 6 mo to 6 years who either miss the December 2 cutoff for Kindergarten entrance or would benefit from an additional year before Kindergarten entry either due to a Fall birthday or lack of readiness. This is a Kindergarten curriculum including the scope and sequence meeting the requirements of the State of California but taught in a smaller, more nurturing environment than other Kindergartens.

All regular classes are 3 hours with the exception of Toddlers which is 2 hours
Morning Classes
Afternoon Classes
Tuesday and Thursday Classes
Monday, Wednesday, Friday Classes

Preschool Classes CATERPILLARS
3-year olds
8:20-11:20 AM
8:40-11:40 AM
9:00-12:00 PM

12:30-3:30 PM

4-year olds
8:20-11:20 AM
8:40-11:40 AM
9:00-12:00 PM

12:30-3:30 PM

12:45-3:45 PM

Older 4 years- early 5's
8:20-11:20 AM

Typical Daily Activities:
Greet Children
Free play
Circle Time
Group activities
Learning Centers
Outdoor Play/Playground/Garden/Lawn Games