Barbara Warner, OWNER/DIRECTOR

Barbara Warner has been teaching children professionally since 1977. Always the “little mother”, she’s happiest when caring for children and animals. The format of the country day school is composed of outstanding academic readiness skills training and an emphasis on socializing the preschool child in a group setting outside of his/her familial niche. This format also includes the care and feeding of small animals, gardening, cooking, and nature study.

Having grown up in a family of farmers and ranchers, Barbara's parents were apricot and cherry growers in Saratoga, California as well as operators of a cattle ranch in southeastern Oregon. In this enriching environment, Barbara was afforded many opportunities with nature that many children never receive. It was her idyllic childhood playing in the orchards, fields and pastures of her parents’ farms and ranches that she developed her love and respect of all things in nature. Knowing the positive influence of these experiences, Barbara wanted to share these similar experiences with her tiny students.

A hands-on approach to learning, featuring plant and animal care such as growing fruit trees, planting vegetable and flower gardens as well as caring for small animals such as bunnies, pygmy goats, chickens, fish and birds fosters both nurturing and responsible characteristics in children. Building a strong sense of self-esteem and self- confidence are crucial to a child’s social and academic success in school now and in years to come. The aforementioned activities make the program unique, although the academic portion of the curriculum is traditional.

Barbara wants the families of the children attending her school to know her and to know about her. Barbara has been married for over 40 years and is the mother of three and grandmother of six.

She received her Bachelor of Arts degree and teaching credentials from San Jose State University after attending The University of Santa Clara. She has taught both elementary and Junior High school prior to opening her first preschool daycare in Roseville in 1983, which she owned and operated for 15 years before opening her Country Day School in 1999.

When touring the school with Barbara as she points out her students’ talents and accomplishments, one would think she was the boastful mother of each and every child in the school. As both a mother and grandmother, Barbara truly understands the love, aspirations, and concerns parents have for their children—when only the best will do. “Your child needs to be with teachers who truly care about and respect the child as an individual. Teaching needs to be positive and enthusiastic and teachers should always set a stellar example as a role model. It is vital that your child have a positive first experience with his/her first teacher, which sets the tome of the child’s approach and attitude towards the future.” Barbara adds, “If school is fun and teachers are caring, and learning is exciting, your child will approach future schooling with eager enthusiasm and a quest for learning.” Barbara assures parents that their child will love school and feel good about themselves and others based upon the preschool experiences which build high esteem and respect for others.