Warner’s Granite Bay Country Day School is the premier preschool in the Granite Bay and Placer County area.

The preschool was started in September 1999, as the vision of owner/director Barbara Warner, who saw the need for a school setting for preschool-age children that was not a daycare. Noting there were many daycare centers meeting the needs of the two working parent families, she felt there was little available for stay-at-home moms who were looking for a partial school-day program where their children could benefit from education, enrichment and socialization in a non-institutional setting. Developing a curriculum that provided a balance between academics and developmental camps, Warner's has achieved a blend of Early Childhood philosophies that results in a program that is dedicated to the development of the “whole child”.

Combining her desire to teach to the “whole child” with her desire to provide an environment where nature is appreciated and observed daily, the school setting was established on nearly a two-acre parcel. This site includes fruit trees, both flower and vegetable gardens, as well as many farm animals in a country-like area of Granite Bay on the corner of Barton Road and Seven Cedars Place, which was once graced with pear and olive trees and cattle pastures nearby.