Our Curriculum

Warner’s Granite Bay Country Day School provides a balanced curriculum dedicated to the development of the “whole child” in a country farm setting—somewhat of a return to the “little schoolhouse” with the advantages of the latest improvements in Early Childhood Development.

Our program is designed to develop the cognitive, physical, emotional, social and cultural needs of your child with a maximum teacher/student ratio of 1:8.

Cultural enrichment is provided through dance, music, art and drama.

Physical development of both fine and gross motor skills is provided. Fine motor skills are developed through activities such as painting, coloring, cutting, stringing beads and lacing cards. Gross motor skills are developed through outdoor play, tumbling and gymnastics, as well as classic children’s games, dances and fitness programs.

A variety of unique activities and parties, as well as day to day play and interaction with teachers and peers help to contribute to the children’s social skills.

Emotional needs are met by providing your child with a happy, stable, learning environment filled with fun, discovery and excitement on a daily basis. Self-esteem and self-confidence grow as your child realizes his/her self-worth and importance to the group. Every child in our school is unique and special and especially… an important member of the class!

Our facilities are located on almost 2 acres of a garden/country farm-like setting. This setting allows your child the space to run, play, and explore. It is this setting which also enables your child to experience the benefits of the “practical living” portion of our curriculum. The practical living skills, which include dress-up, cooking, gardening, crafts and care of animals, make our program unique.

Parents will observe continual development of responsibility as your child discovers the high self-esteem associated with his/her new-found practical living skills. He/she will be anxious to demonstrate his/her abilities by being a “good helper” and an important part of the family.

Practical living skills are a child’s work. These tasks are taken very seriously by preschool children and are the basis of their perspectives of the real world, as well as providing an exciting learning environment that is rarely found in other preschools. Actual “fruits” of your child’s gardening experiences, such as peaches and tomatoes, will be brought home as further benefits of their efforts.

Our “whole child” curriculum and setting are unique features of our school and are designed to help promote the types of skills and development that will be a strong foundation for your child’s continuing education.

Many kindergarten and elementary teachers report students from our school have a greater sense of self-esteem and a greater knowledge base helping to give these students a head start in their education.

Subject areas taught here are pre-reading, math, music, language arts, phonics, art, cooking, gardening, science, social studies, dance, children’s literature, poetry, physical fitness, Spanish, and more.

Each month’s activities are planned around a theme. Relating the daily lessons and activities to the theme allows children to correlate between one subject and another as well as carry experiences and skills with them throughout the month, which constantly reinforces their acquired skills and knowledge.

Warner’s Granite Bay Country Day School looks for positive behavior and constantly rewards the behavior with recognition and compliments. Children are good by nature, but sometimes their behavior is inappropriate. When this occurs, a child is gently reminded of what is appropriate and then redirected to a suitable activity. Our philosophy is that positive comments and good example produce positive behavior as well as a strong sense of self-worth. Modeling teachers enables the child to learn what is acceptable in a social environment. Children learn by imitation, so if they are treated with courtesy and respect, they will in turn treat others with courtesy and respect.